5 Best Fitness Trackers

Fitness bands are ALL craze these days, and its easy to see why. They are a great motivator to help you get moving and track your progress. More and more people are adding fitness trackers to their daily lives for the improvement of their health. Here is a basic rundown of the top fitness trackers on the market to help you narrow down your search and find the right one for you.

1. Fitbit


The Fitbit Flex is one of the most popular fitness trackers out there. It comes in a wide variety of fun or neutral colors. It tracks steps take, calories burned, hours slept, quality of sleep, distance traveled,  and active minutes.  Because Fitbit is so popular, it’s likely you already have friends wearing and tracking their progress on the Fitbit app that syncs wirelessly with your tracker. Additionally, it works well with other apps you are already using, like My Fitness Pal and Run Keeper. This can be especially motivating if you want to compete with friends for the most steps taken and highest activity. If a wrist doesn’t appeal to you, Fitbit also offers the Fitbit One that can be clipped on to your clothing and worn without anyone else seeing it.

2. Up by Jawbone


Jawbone offers 2 options for it’s fitness tracking wrist bands. For $129 you can get the Up24 that syncs through Bluetooth with the Jawbone app, or for $79 Up wristband will sync when manually plugged in. Jawbone offers in app food & drink tracking, steps & activity, sleep tracking, “Insight Engine” which learns about you over time and helps you to achieve your goals, and smart alarm to wake you at the ideal time. It is also designed to work well with other health and fitness apps you are already using.

3. Nike+ FuelBand SE


The Nike+ Fuelband SE will track the intensity of your workout, counts steps and tells time, displays progress in real time, and allows you to compare progress and stay motivated through Nike+ Groups (only on iOS). It will sync wirelessly with your Android or iOS device. Nike offers their own system of activity tracking called NikeFuel. The idea is that you want to earn Fuel, and this band will track your activities and let you know what is earning you the most Fuel.

4. Samsung Gear Fit


The biggest down side of this cool fitness tracker is that it works exclusively with Samsung smart phones. The Gear Fit not only tracks your steps and activities like other bands, it is also a heart rate monitor as well as can receive text messages and emails. One of the greatest features of the Gear Fit is the large display so you can see your daily progress without having to open an app.

5. Garmin VivoFit


The Vivofit tracks steps, calories burned, sleep monitoring, and has a battery that can last more than a year, as opposed to all the other options the require regular charging. The Vivofit works by Bluetooth with Garmin’s free online community that features detailed tracking information on your smart phone or computer. While the Vivofit band itself is not a heart rate monitor, a heart rate monitor is available in a bundle.

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7 thoughts on “5 Best Fitness Trackers

  1. Kat dean

    I have had ALL of these fitness trackers And the Samsung Gear Fit is by far my favorite! It is a watch, pedometer, heart rate assessment, sleep cycle, hiking,etc. AND, when linked to your phone, will send you your text messages and phone messages! I feel like “James Bond”!

  2. EyesOnRhi

    This was a fantastic article that really opened my eyes to some fitness trackers that were NOT the fitbit! I’ve see several out there but didn’t really know what was considered the best..

  3. Neya

    i was excited when I got the Fitbit Flex as a gift, but that didn’t last for long. Within a month I had to keep resetting it to get it to sync, then after about 7 months I started having problems with it charging.

    I let it die and recharged it and it worked again for a while but would not hold a charge for ore than a day. Finally it stopped syncing and charging altogether.

    If this is the best one on the market I’m really nervous to invest in any other ones.

  4. Amy

    Great list. I’m currently shopping around for a fitness tracker, so this is very helpful. I’ll be featuring this post on my weekly roundup. Thanks

  5. Pam

    I had a Fitbit, I started having trouble charging it, & Fitbit website was down a lot of the time.
    I finally sent it back to the company. Received full reimbursement.
    I know have a Garmin, so pleased with it. I was disappointed that Fitbit out ranked the Garmin. I recommend the Garmin above the others listed.

  6. loura

    Really appreciate the kind of topics you post here and it’s very helpful. Thanks for sharing us a great information that is actually helpful. Good day!


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