4 Ways to Treat Split Ends

1. Trim Them!

Selfie hair trim

I hate having my hair trimmed. I know a trim is usually only a little bit, but it sort of kills me to cut it at all. This blogger (I’m sure you have seen her face ALL over Pinterest with her awesome tutorials) shows an easy way to trim your hair at home without losing length. It is an awesome tutorial, definitely worth checking out!

2. Oil Those Ends

There are a million options out there for oil for your hair. Whether it is a homemade treatment or you are using my personal favorite, Moroccan Oil, you will benefit from adding oil and moisture to those ends. The night before I wash my hair I like to really oil up my ends (or all of my hair) to keep them as soft as possible.

3. Lay Off the Heat!

This one is really hard for me. I have weird, frizzy, wavy, coarse hair. When I don’t flat iron my hair it   is a disaster. To avoid heat as much as possible I try to 1. Avoid blow drying. If I can plan ahead to allow time to air dry, I do. 2. Curl/flat iron in small sections so you don’t have to do the same section twice. 3. If you are using a curling iron, fold a perm paper (really cheap!) over the ends before you clamp them in to protect them from direct heat. (That tip is courtesy of my talented stylist!) Brilliant!

4. Don’t Brush Your Hair!

Last night as my stylist was slowing combing through my hair rather then just brushing it out really quickly I asked her why? I have always wondered! She told me, “Think about it. This comb just has one straight row of several teeth pulling on your hair. A brush is a ton of bristles pulling your hair all over the place.” She told me she almost never brushes her hair, especially while its wet. So to avoid damage, grab a comb or a pick rather than a big brush.

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4 thoughts on “4 Ways to Treat Split Ends

  1. Brenna

    I lost my brush once and all I could find around the house was a wide tooth comb. Then I heard about how it is better to comb ur hair. I will never go back!

    Thank you for this post really helpful.

  2. Carin

    Using a hair brush is not that bad; it is an old misunderstanding. Never brush wet hair, that is true, however brushing your dry hair will spread the natural oils from your scalp to the hair and keep it healthy and shiny in a natural way. A comb won’t do that as good as a brush.


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