4 Tips to Improve Your Makeup Skills

Makeup is sort of awesome. When done right, it can do amazing things to really show off a person’s beauty. Amirite?!


I’m sorry, I couldn’t resist. The resemblance kills me!

But seriously, your favorite celebrity, however beautiful she maybe be, doesn’t look especially different than any other woman you would see walking down the street without the talent of a professional makeup artist.


Classic example, Kim Kardashian. Beautiful girl, but the right makeup makes her flawless and glamorous

But the fabulous effects of great makeup application is not JUST celebrities and makeup artists. You can learn to apply makeup like a pro too. Here are a few tips, that have worked for me, to help you improve your makeup application to achieve amazing results!

1. Invest in brushes

I am not saying you should go out and buy fancy expensive brushes, especially if you are just getting started building a brush collection. But it will be awfully hard to apply your makeup without the right tools.


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I am a big fan of this brush set. it has all your basics and its cheap. Although I do feel like it is missing a great foundation application brush. For a long time I used this one from Elf. You can get it for $3 at Target and it does the job fine.


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But recently I invested in this dream boat, Tarte foundation brush, and I’m never going back. The application is super smooth and it feels very luxurious on my skin.


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If you want to spend more on brushes try this Basic Eyes Kit from Sigma for $69.

Whatever you chose to do, the bottom line is you cannot get the results you are going for without the right tools.

2.  Watch Tutorials

I am obsessed with watching YouTube makeup tutorials. There are so many talented makeup artists out there and they want to show you how its done. Find someone who you like to watch, and who’s style matches your own. I love watching Jaclyn Hill or Nicole Guerriero. They are fun to watch, super talented, do great step by step tutorials and have great product recommendations. Or find tutorials for a particular look you like and learn exactly how to achieve it.

3. Practice!

Confession time, almost every night before I take off my makeup I will do something dramatic with my eye makeup and to practice something new. Since I don’t have too many places to wear a dark smokey eye on a daily basis, I like to practice before bed. The more you practice, the better you’ll get. Be adventurous. You might think something looks silly because you just aren’t used to the look on you, but give it a try, you never know!

4. Use primer

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It will be really hard to get the look you are going for if your eye shadow won’t actually stick to your eye lid! I am a huge believer in eye lid primer. It makes your makeup go further, show up more pigmented and last longer. I love Benefit Stay Don’t StrayI firmly believe a great primer is more important than high end eye shadows (although they are nice). If you have the right colors, you can get almost any look with drugstore brands.

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