4 Easy Tips to get YOU Drinking More Water

We all know water is good for us.  It helps maintain weight, it’s great for our skin, and it’s great for pretty much every organ in our bodies.  Sometimes though it is so hard to get enough of the good ol’ H2O! You need to aim to consume half your body weight in ounces, so if you weigh 130 pounds you should aim to drink about 65 ounces a day, which can be rough.  Try these tips to help you guzzle more of the good stuff every day!

 1. Buy that cute water bottle or straw cup you have been eyeing.

If you have water with you, you will drink more.  I keep a water bottle in my purse, currently I love the Contigo straw bottles, and I also pack a straw cup as well.  I usually leave my Starbuck’s straw cup in my car and drink as I run errands.  If I am going to the mall I put my trusty cup in the cup holder of my stroller and aim to finish it before I finish my shopping.  It’s fast and easy to just drink as we walk around.   Keeping the water bottle in my purse helps me to drink some whenever I dig for my wallet or lipstick.  I try to finish that one before I get home, hopefully after I have finished the straw cup.

 2. Drink at home or work.

Even though I drink water while I am out, I still try to reach my goal of water intake while I am home.  I spend a lot of time at home with my kids, and a lot of times I fall short on water intake while we play.  But because I drank while we were out and about I have nice buffer to help fill in the gaps.  If you work during the day have your goal be to finish your water goal while at work and then the extra you drink is just a bonus.  At first it will seem like you are running to the girls room all the time.  But your body will get used to the new intake and your potty breaks will lessen. 

3. Add a little zing to your water

Buy some fresh fruit, and not just lemons, cut it up and toss in the bottom of your bottle, I love strawberries and pineapple, it will add subtle flavor that you will start to crave and love.  You can also buy the crystal light pouches or the Mio flavor enhancers.  You don’t have to add it every time, but every now and then it is fun to switch it up.

4. Drink a glass of water before you eat.

If you are feeling hungry, drink a glass of water before you grab a snack, sometimes we mistake our thirst cue for hunger.  This has helps me take in more water because I realize that I am actually thirsty, and don’t need those extra calories.

Drinking more water has so many benefits for our skin and health. For most of us it is an easy task to accomplish; we just have to do it.  So make a goal to drink just a little more each week and pretty soon you will be drinking the necessary amount!

Happy Water Drinking!

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