5 Best Places to Buy Cheap Exercise Clothes

We would all love to be clad from head to toe in LuLuLemon when we hit the gym, but for some of us (me!), that is definitely not in the cards. $98 for yoga pants?! Yikes! I would rather put that money toward some fabulous jeans that I work out super hard to squeeze my butt into. I definitely see the value in high quality work out clothes, but I just bring myself to spend $$$$. However, I have done my fair share of guessing and checking and finding out where to buy exercise clothes I love, for a budget-friendly price!

1. Outlet Malls!

If you are on the hunt for some fantastic, name brand exercise apparel check the outlet mall! I have gotten fantastic deals on running clothes and cross-training shoes from outlet stores.

2. Old Navy

What I love about Old Navy exercise clothes is A.) they are affordable and B.) Many styles of

their pants come in petite and tall lengths! I am short girl, and I usually end up with capris down to my ankles or pants scrunched at my ankles or dragging on the ground. Old Navy has resolved this for me! I haven’t seen the petite and tall styles in store, but check it out online. And when shopping at Old Navy online, you can almost always find a promo code on RetailMeNot.com

3. Target

Target always has fun, bright  and on trend exercise apparel and, of course, budget friendly prices! When I am shopping at Target, I always check the clearance racks for especially good bargains.

4. Walmart

You’ll be hard pressed to find prices cheaper than Walmart. If you are looking for fun, bright colors and inexpensive activewear, DEFINITELY  check out Walmart!

5. Ross/TJ Maxx

Ross and TJ Maxx are places where you can also find name-brand (Nike, Adidas, Asics) exercise clothes for bargain prices, often cheaper than the outlet mall. Unfortunately, they can be hit or miss, so if you find yourself in one of those stores, browse the racks to make sure you aren’t missing out on something awesome.

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3 thoughts on “5 Best Places to Buy Cheap Exercise Clothes

  1. nurse

    Even Walmart has stepped up their game. Danskin has cute shorts that look like nike’s running shorts! Bought a pair last night for $6.96! They are neon pink, white, and electric blue. Also, Academy Sports has some inexpensive stuff as well. It always makes you feel good stepping into the gym looking good!


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