4 Bad Skin Care Habits to Avoid

1. Skip the morning wash

There’s no need to wash your face with cleanser morning and night. Wash your face at night with your favorite cleanser and in the morning just rinse with warm water. Using too much cleanser can be harsh and over-dry skin.

2. Cool Down

Spending time in the saunas or in hot fitness classes can actually cause discoloration and dark spots on your skin, especially areas exposed to the sun.  If this is a concern for consider avoiding those saunas and fitness classes that can damage and over heat your skin.

3. Change your bed linens

If you aren’t changing sheets and pillow cases often enough, they could be holding onto excess dirt and oils from your skin, potentially leading to break outs. To avoid this problem, simply change your pillow cases once or twice a week.

4. Sleep!

The call it beauty sleep for a reason. When we don’t get enough sleep, skin doesn’t have the opportunity it needs to repair itself, thus causing it to be duller and making it easier for wrinkles to form. Make time to get plenty of sleep at night for your most beautiful skin.

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