3 Tips to Keep Your Tan {Real OR Fake} Looking Great Longer

So you went through all that work to lay out (“work”) or apply sunless tanner or even went to the tanning bed, only to have your tan fade away quickly. Well, here are some quick and easy things you can do to help that color stick around longer.

HYDRATE! Easily one of the simplest things to do. Guzzle that H2O. If you’re tanning outside, or in a tanning bed your skin is losing moisture as you heat it up and sweat. So if you keep yourself hydrated your skin wont dry out and slough the tan skin off. It’s the same concept for sunless tanners. If you keep your body hydrated your skin wont dry out and slough off as fast, meaning a longer tan for you!! So make sure you are hydrated before you apply your sunless tanner. And after you have worked to get it on.

Apply moisturizer or a tanning lotion. If you are tanning outside or in a bed, applying a tanning lotion will give you more bang for your buck or time. If your skin is dry it will naturally deflect a large portion of the rays, by applying lotion you are helping those rays sink into your skin speeding up your tanning process, sometimes by as much as fifty percent!! Also applying a moisturizer as soon as you are done in the sun, morning and night will extend your tan, by keeping that skin from drying out. I love lotions with cocoa or shea butter; they really help to keep your skin soft.

Pat dry. When you are drying off don’t rub your towel over your tan skin. That is like a mini exfoliation of the skin you just tanned! Instead pat your skin dry with your towel.

Having a tan makes you feel good, but staying out of the sun is better for your skin. I highly recommend going the sunless tanner route. Chances are you aren’t going to be able to avoid the sun all together, so just be smart and safe about it. Protect your skin, and keep what color you do get looking good!

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