3 Things I’ve Learned from Watching Too Many Beauty Tutorials


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Too many people fail to fill their brows when they do their makeup and what a different it makes! It ads so much depth to the face and eyes. If you aren’t currently filling your brows, head to YouTube and find a tutorial by someone with great eyebrows and coloring similar to your own if you are looking for a great product and learn from their technique.

2. Ask and you shall receive

The great thing about the girls on YouTube making makeup and beauty tutorials is that they their fans are their bread and butter. They aim to please those who are watching their videos. If you find someone whose tutorials you love, leave them a comment with questions or requests for information or different tutorials and you are likely to get an answer. While you are at it, give their videos a thumbs up!

3.  You can do anything!

For a long time I thought really pretty and really involved makeup was only for celebrities and makeup artists and I was bound to whatever the back of my drugstore makeup palette instructed me to do. As it turns out, you can watch a YouTube video and learn ANYTHING you want! And I mean anything. If you aren’t sure about a smokey eye, YouTube it. If you just can’t get your eyeliner right, YouTube it. Seriously. If you want to learn something new, just do a quick search and you can become the expert! But remember, it takes PRACTICE! You probably won’t get it right the first time, but a little practice and you can do anything.

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2 thoughts on “3 Things I’ve Learned from Watching Too Many Beauty Tutorials

  1. bola odutayo

    I totally luv ur page…dont think i ve ever gotten tired of reading your posts.

    my major beauty challenge is shaping /cutting my eyebrows. ols can u show me.
    thank u 🙂


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