3 More Cheap Things Every Nail Polish Lover Should Own

A reader left me a comment with some more great suggestions of super cheap nail art products that I wanted to make sure I passed on to everyone!

1. 15 Piece Nail Art Painting Pen Brush Set

(Buy it Here!)

I think I overlooked this set in my original post because I was/am a little overwhelmed by the number of brushes here. I’m not super sure how I plan to use all these brushes, but I indulged myself and ordered them. I’m pretty sure there is nothing you can’t do with all of these. You can buy them for $2.75 shipped from Amazon.com.

2. Nail Art Rhinestones

(Buy it Here!)

These are only $3.39 from Amazon.com. There are so many fun and creative things you can do with rhinestones, and buying them in a big pack like this is WAY cheaper than at a salon.

And while I am on the topic of rhinestones, I am going to throw in these out! These are only $2.98


(Buy them Here!)

So cute, right? There are several different options for these little bows, definitely check them out! These are only $2.98 at DressLink.com

3. Buffing Block

Ms. Manicure Block Party 4-Way Buffing Block

(Buy it Here!)

If you aren’t already using a buffing block, you should probably start. Using it before I put on polish to smooth out my nails makes the polish last long, go on smoother, and look better. You can get one for pretty cheap at any drugstore, but this one (with great reviews) is only $1.49 at Drugstore.com.

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3 thoughts on “3 More Cheap Things Every Nail Polish Lover Should Own

  1. Alyssa B

    I got a set of the brushes for Valentine’s Day. They took a while to arrive, I think they’re shipped from China, but they are great! I’ve even used some for crafting. Best 3 bucks spent in a long time.

    1. Brooks Lively

      Glad you like them! Mine took FOREVER to arrive also! But now they’re here I love ’em. Thanks for reading/commenting!

  2. Mandy Robbins

    I get my nail buffers from Dollar Tree for $1 (plus $0.08 for tax). There’s another one there that’s longer and thinner with more to it. I don’t know if all Dollar Trees everywhere have the same products, though.


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