10 Tips to Dress Thinner

Sometimes I have a hard time dressing myself. I feel like I am fairly bold with my style and am willing to try anything. The problem is that I am about 5 feet tall and have had 2 babies, so not every style is meant for MY body. Shopping can be discouraging if you don’t know what you are looking for and try on the wrong things for your body. I have compiled 10 tips for you so that you can find clothes that fit you great and flatter your body.

1. Wear Fitted Clothing

When you are trying to hide some trouble spots, its tempting to want to wear looser fitted clothing. But do so with caution! Body-skimming, tailored pieces are much more likely to give you the lean look you are going for.

2. Avoid Pleats 

Folded fabrics are going to ad bulk to your look. Go for pants and skirts with flat fronts.

3. Where Do Your Pants and Shirt Meet? 

To look slim you want to wear tops that hit your body right at or below your waist. When you wear something that cuts you off at the fullest part of your hips it will make you look bigger.

4. Go for Vertical Details  

This is a little piece of advice that everyone woman knows and it’s an important one. Vertical detail, like stripes and seams, will elongate your body while horizontal may tend to widen you.

5. Wear Color

A bright color on the smallest part of your body will automatically draw attention to that area. Maybe I should reevaluate my collection of colored skinnies??

6. Wear Structured Fabrics

Use caution with stretchy and thin fabrics that cling to all the wrong places. Try thicker more structured materials to look thinner.

7. Use Prints with Caution 

I love prints, but sometimes I am surprised when something so cute on the rack can look so unflattering on my body. Its because large prints tend to draw attention to the area they are covering, so make sure they are drawing attention to the right places. Small prints on the other hand, make work to your advantage to camouflage trouble spots.

8. Check Your Posture 

I am the worst at using good posture, but it’s amazing what simply standing up straight will do for your body shape. You will automatically look taller and leaner when you stand up straight!

9. Experiment with Fun Necklines

An interesting neckline with automatically draw attention to your face, and not so much on your body.

10. Check Your Proportions

Avoid wearing loose fitting tops with loose pants as well as tight pants and a tight top. Both are likely to be unflattering styles. Try pairing a looser tops with skinny jeans or any other combination looser and tighter clothing. Find a balance that flatters your shape.

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