10 Different Wedding Nail Ideas

1. French Manicure with Ring Finger Ring Accent



2. French Manicure with Rhinestone Ring Finger Accent

wedding_nail_ring_finger accent


3. Soft Pink with Ring Finger Heart

Wedding Nails


4. Lace Nails


5. French Manicure with White Floral Print

floral print nails


6. Sheer White and Glitter

Bridal Nail Designs ♥ Wedding Nail Art


7. Nail Jewelry Accent


8. Blue and Silver French Manicure


9. Nude and Gold Glitter


10. First Dance Lyrics Nails


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10 thoughts on “10 Different Wedding Nail Ideas

    1. Heather Post author

      Hey Judi, thanks for reading! I have SCOURED the internet, and I cannot find #7 anywhere! It’s a shame, I know, because it is fabulous. Sorry I can’t help more!

  1. Nail lover

    Hey Heather #3 is from MixedMama at mixedmama.blogspot.com she even has a tutorial on how to create that look.

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