5 Super Cheap Fitness Trackers - $15-$30

Getting healthy can be expensive! Healthy food, gym membership, the attire to look fly at said gym, the list goes on. Fitness trackers can be really motivating, and a fun push to keep you moving, but they are ANOTHER added cost to your healthy lifestyle. Fitbits and Vivo Fit are the great, name brand options, but […]

5 Morphe 35O Palette Tutorials

The Morphe 35O (it’s currently out of stock, but it is a permanent item in the Morphe store so it willbe back!) palette is kind of a big deal. It is all over the internet and just about everyone wants to get their hands on it for the fall. I have compiled some of my favorite tutorials […]

How to Pick Perfect Family Photo Outfits

Choosing outfits for family photos can be super tricky. You want everyone to “go” together, but not necessarily matchy-matchy. Our family has definitely learned from trial and error how to make our family photo outfits just right. Start with your non-negotiable When I am preparing outfits for our family photos, I always start with a […]

5 Must-Watch Beauty YouTubers

If I am looking to improve my makeup skills, learn a new technique or find product reviews, YouTube will always be my first stop. There are so many talented beauty gurus and makeup artists out there sharing their vast knowledge with you. If I am being honest, I spend WAY too much time watching YouTube. […]

5 Tutorials for the Tartelette Palette

This palette! I love, LOVE matte eye shadows and the Tartelette palette is such a gorgeous combination of soft, pigmented shades. The colors! The formulation! The pigmentation! The packaging! The giant mirror! Okay… so here are some of my favorite tutorials using this fabulous palette by some of my favorite YouTubers! 1. Feminine and Glowing […]

How to Get Super Clean Makeup Brushes for Super Cheap

I have tried A LOT of different makeup brush cleansers. I have tried high end, drugstore, gentle face washes, everything. Some of them have been good, some of them have been okay. But this is the first one I actually liked well enough to take the time to share! This is an all-natural organic bar […]

Urban Decay Naked Smoky: Is It Worth the Hype?

The Urban Decay Naked palettes are kind of a big deal. When I originally heard about the new Naked Smoky palette I was a little skeptical that it would be something really original or new. After all, the original Naked and Naked 2 are pretty similar in a lot of ways. But when I saw […]